Indian farm labourer donates Hajj savings to coronavirus victims

A farm labourer and his wife in India who had worked hard for years to save money to go on Hajj have donated everything...

100,000 mourners defy Bangladesh coronavirus lockdown

More than 100,000 people defied Bangladesh's coronavirus lockdown on Saturday to attend the funeral of one of the country's most prominent Islamic scholars in...

Pakistan to open mosques during Ramadan with precautionary measures

Pakistan's President has agreed a plan with senior imams to allow congregational and Taraweeh prayers to take place during Ramadan while still adhering to...

Govt announces charter flights from Pakistan to return thousands of stranded Brits

Ten charter flights, organised by the UK Government and run by Qatar Airways, will repatriate around 2,500 stranded British travellers  from Pakistan   to the...

UN official urges Sri Lanka to let Muslims bury their dead

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief has urged Sri Lanka's President, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, to allow Muslims to bury their dead. In a...

Pakistani scholars pledge to open mosques despite coronavirus lockdown

All eyes will be on jumu'ah prayers tomorrow in Pakistan after influential imams pledged to open mosques despite the country’s coronavirus lockdown being extended...

Sri Lanka sticks to coronavirus cremation-only policy despite Muslim protests

Authorities in Sri Lanka insist they will continue cremating the bodies of coronavirus victims, including Muslims, despite protests from members of the community. As of...

Sri Lanka cremates Muslim coronavirus victims

The Sri Lankan authorities have forcibly cremated two Muslim COVID-19 victims despite World Health Organisation advice that burials are an acceptable way of disposing...

Bangladesh bans mass gatherings after tens of thousands pray for virus protection

Bangladesh has banned all kinds of political, social, cultural and religious gatherings a day after tens of thousands of people gathered for a mass...

Mass gathering at Malaysian mosque caused huge coronavirus outbreak

A mass gathering at the end of last month at a mosque complex near Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur has emerged as the source of...
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