Pro Palestine protestor convicted over ‘Israel Burn In Hell’ placard

A pro-Palestine protestor has been convicted and fined for carrying a placard with the words: “FREE PALESTINE!! ISRA*L BURN IN HELL.” Laura Davis, 21, from London, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court last Thursday where she...

Charity Commission issues Penny Appeal with warning

The Charity Commission has issued Penny Appeal with an official warning for breach of duty, misconduct and mismanagement. In a ruling in late September, the Commission said Penny Appeal had failed to review a contract...

CAGE accuses Met Police of bullying pro-Palestine protestors

Muslim advocacy group CAGE has accused London's Metropolitan Police of unleashing a campaign of intimidation and bullying against members of the public expressing support for Palestine. CAGE says the police have arrested innocent people...

Experts issue warning about children targeted by UK’s Prevent strategy

Experts have warned about the dangers teenagers face in the education sector amid a "climate of fear" created by the government's controversial counter-extremism Prevent strategy. At a meeting in Westminster last week, Dr Layla Aitlhadj, Director...


Police arrest Kashmiri students for celebrating India defeat in Cricket World Cup

Seven Kashmiri students have been arrested and charged under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for allegedly celebrating Australia's win over India in the Cricket World Cup final.  The students, who are pursuing a...

Russian court brands LGBT movement ‘extremist’

The Russian Supreme Court has declared that the LGBT movement is extremist and banned its activities within the country's borders. In a statement, the court said it had decided to "satisfy the lawsuit of the...

“They threatened to kill my father” – Palestinian icon Ahed Tamimi is free

“They threatened to kill my father if I said anything after my release.” Prominent Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi was one of 30 people released by Israel in the sixth captive exchange last night.  

India: Muslim man dies after alleged police brutality in West Bengal

According to local reports, a Muslim has died under suspicious circumstances in India's Murshidabad district, West Bengal, amid family allegations that he was tortured in police custody.  Rakib Sheikh, 36, was arrested on Friday and...


Downing St peace vigil: Now is not the time for dialogue with Zionists

Juveriah Alam urges Muslims not to take part in a "multi-faith peace vigil" at Downing...

Should Muslims boycott Piers Morgan?

Jahangir Mohammed, director of the Ayaan Institute, argues that Muslims need to avoid falling into...

Islamophobia Awareness Month: Unveiling the imperative to confront hatred and prejudice

November is Islamophobia Awareness Month which this year is focussing on telling positive stories about...

Suella Braverman and the token ethnics pushing the Zionist agenda

Juveriah Alam says that Suella Braverman and her ilk only make it to top positions because...

Why are Zionists so jealous of the Palestinians?

Juveriah Alam says an insecure, unhinged Israel and its desperate supporters are green with sheer...

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