New Prevent figures reveal govt counter extremism strategy ‘is targeting children’

Muslim organisations say that new Home Office figures on Prevent referrals prove that the government counter-extremism policy is targeting and traumatising children. In the year ending March 31, 2022, there were 6,406 referrals to Prevent...

Mourners outraged as water floods Muslim graveyard in Bradford

Mourners are furious at Bradford Council of Mosques after a local graveyard was flooded with mud and water. A viral video taken at Scholemoor Cemetery in Bradford on Sunday appears to show an open grave full of water....

Muslim parents vow to remove kids from school unless LGBT concerns are addressed

Muslim parents in Redbridge, East London, say they will pull their children out of schools unless LGBT content is introduced in a way that respects the religious and cultural background of their kids. The demand was...

Second inquest ordered into death of Yousef Makki

A second inquest has been ordered into the death of 17-year-old Yousef Makki, who died after being stabbed in the heart in Cheshire in March 2019. High Court judges in Manchester quashed the original inquest findings,...


Pakistan to punish cursing Prophet’s wives and sahaba with at least 10 yrs prison

The Pakistani National Assembly has passed a criminal law which includes increasing the punishment for those who use derogatory remarks against members of Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) family, wives, companions and certain caliphs to at least 10 years prison. The...

Kandahar: Afghan authorities implement Shari’ah punishments in public

Afghan authorities have implemented Shari'ah punishments on nine people - including amputations and flogging - in public in a sports stadium in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. Local reports and witnesses say the Islamic Emirate cut the hands off...

India orders YouTube and Twitter to block BBC Modi documentary

India's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered YouTube and Twitter to take down links sharing the BBC documentary "India: The Modi Question," which reveals that an official UK investigation found the Indian Prime Minister "directly responsible" for...

Secret UK govt report found Modi ‘directly responsible for Gujurat massacre

A BBC investigation has revealed for the first time that a secret UK government report found Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi "directly responsible" for anti-Muslim massacres in Gujurat, India, in 2002. India: The Modi Question...


Build reward in times of hardship

Fatima Barkatulla asks will the cost of living crisis prevent you from helping those less...

No you can’t compare Andrew Tate to Maajid Nawaz

Muslim convert Jamal Muhammad says those who are negatively comparing the relatively benign treatment of Andrew Tate...

Media reporting of Prince Harry’s war crimes proves Muslim lives are worthless

Maria Akbar says Muslims should not be surprised by the casual way in which the...

Muslims should beware the next threat – the Artificial Intelligence revolution

Blogger Najm Al-Din warns Muslims about the dangers of the Artificial Intelligence revolution which risks...

Farha and Israel’s war on the Palestinian narrative

Veteran Palestinian journalist Abdel Bari Atwan says that Israel's tactics of brandishing the sword of...

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