Officers suspended after dragging half-naked Muslim woman from property

Two West Midlands Police officers have been suspended after they dragged a half-dressed Muslim woman out of a property in Birmingham. The i website revealed that the incident took place on November 18 when police were...

Census: There are 3.9 million Muslims in England and Wales

Newly released census data shows that there are now 3.9 million Muslims in England and Wales - an increase of 1.2 million people over the last decade. The data means that there are now around...

Darul Uloom Dewsbury to close down following damning Ofsted report

One of the UK's most famous Islamic seminaries - Darul Uloom Dewsbury - is to close down in December because of financial difficulties and following a damning Ofsted report. Chair of Trustees Mohammad Bostan wrote...

Muslim pupils ‘don’t feel safe’ at Wood Green Academy

5Pillars understands that over 50 Muslim students did not attend Wood Green Academy in Wednesbury yesterday after pupils were disciplined following a visit to the school by "gay Muslim" activist Khakan Qureshi. At a meeting...


Indonesia to criminalise sex outside marriage

Indonesia's parliament is expected to pass a new law this month that will punish sex outside marriage with up to one year in jail. The new criminal code is expected to be passed on December...

Netherlands forces killed 20 Afghans unlawfully, Dutch court rules

A court in the Netherlands has ruled that a deadly bombing of a residential compound in Afghanistan by Dutch forces in 2007 was unlawful, and has ordered the country to pay compensation to the...

Afghan authorities resume public lashings

The Afghan authorities have resumed public lashings for crimes according to Islamic shari'ah. Yesterday 12 people, including three women and nine men, were flogged on adultery and theft charges at the football stadium in the city...

Qatar: Alcohol banned in World Cup stadiums but still available elsewhere

Alcohol will not be sold to fans at the World Cup's eight stadiums in Qatar after Fifa changed its policy at the last minute - however, alcohol will still be sold in other venues. Alcohol...


Census data: White supremacist scaremongering and an opportunity for Muslims

Faisal Bodi of the Islamic Human Rights Commission says the recently revealed census data is a...

The Western coverage of the Qatar World Cup is simply racist

Hafsa Kara-Mustapha says the blatantly anti-Arab and Muslim coverage of this World Cup by Western...

Muslims now have zero excuse to support the England football team

Roshan Muhammed Salih says Muslims have no reason to support the England football team given...

INSIGHT UK: The Hindutva organisation targeting British Muslims

Roshan Muhammed Salih takes a look at INSIGHT UK, a Hindutva organisation which rose to prominence...

Uyghur woman’s family ‘held in concentration camp for several years’

Qadeer Popal interviews Nur Abdulrashid, a Uyghur woman living in Turkey who says her family...

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