Govt retains powers to force cremations, but only as last resort

The government still retains the power to cremate coronavirus victims, according to the new Coronavirus Bill, but only as a last resort and after taking into account...

Scholars who resisted mosque closures now encourage worshippers to pray at home

Senior Islamic scholars who had previously resisted calls for mosques to be closed due to the coronavirus outbreak have now told worshippers to pray...

Previously “fit and healthy” nurse in intensive care after contracting coronavirus

A 36-year-old nurse described as “normally fit and healthy” and with no underlying medical conditions is critically ill in intensive care after contracting coronavirus. Areema Nasreen...

Over 137K sign petition to protect Muslim coronavirus victims from cremation

A petition on to protect Muslim burials during the coronavirus pandemic has garnered over 137,000 signatures at the time of writing.  The petition, by...

Pioneering Muslim journalist Fuad Nahdi passes away

The prominent journalist and activist Fuad Nahdi, who was one of the major figures in British Islam in the last 30 years, passed away...

Hundreds of UK mosques remain open for Jumu’ah despite closure calls

Hundreds of mosques around the UK remained open today for Jumu'ah prayers despite calls for them to shut due to the coronavirus outbreak. Scores of mosques in...

Major UK mosques close doors to congregational prayers

Many of the biggest mosques in the country have decided to shut their doors to congregational prayers due to the coronavirus outbreak. The mosques include...

Influential British Muslim scholars urge mosques to remain open

Scholars from some of the most influential Islamic seminaries in the UK have said that mosques should remain open for congregational prayers until the...

MCB and Muslim scholars call for suspension of congregational activities at mosques

The Muslim Council of Britain and the British Board of Scholars and Imams have called for Muslim communities across the UK to suspend all congregational...

Police admit error, pay damages after forcing woman to remove hijab

A Muslim woman has won a legal challenge against the Metropolitan Police after they admitted to violating her human rights when she was forced...
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