Austrian authorities accused of violating Muslim children’s rights during police raids

Austrian lawyers and NGOs have accused the Minister of the Interior of failing to protect children from criminalisation and trauma following police raids on Muslims...

Catholic Church says same-sex unions are not valid

The Catholic Church has reiterated that priests are not allowed to bless same-sex unions because they are not valid. In response to questions from a number of...

European Commission urged to investigate France over treatment of Muslims

A global coalition of 25 civil society organisations and NGOs from 11 countries have submitted a letter to the President of the European Commission urging...

Swiss back vote to ban niqab

Voters in Switzerland have narrowly backed a proposal to ban full facial coverings in public places despite the presence of hardly any niqabis in the...

UN: Institutional Islamophobia has reached epidemic proportions

Institutional suspicion and fear of Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim has escalated to epidemic proportions, the United Nations Human Rights Council heard on Thursday. Addressing...

Swiss likely to ban niqab in upcoming referendum

Opinion polls suggest a narrow majority of Swiss will back a face veil ban in a referendum on Sunday. A poll by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation...

Berlin to host world’s first mosque-church-synagogue

The world’s first hybrid church-mosque-synagogue will open in Berlin in May. The project, which has been 12 years in the making at an expected cost of...

French govt to crack down on Muslim school kids skipping swimming lessons

The French state has signalled its intention to crack down on Muslim school kids skipping swimming lessons. Earlier today the government said it would launch...

French Muslim activists denounce state charter ‘imposed on Muslims’

Over 500 French Muslim community leaders and activists have signed a letter denouncing a government charter that state-approved French Muslim leaders have signed. The signatories include...

Switzerland to hold referendum on face veil ban

Switzerland will hold a referendum on March 7 on whether to ban full facial coverings such as burqas and niqabs. Under Switzerland’s system of direct democracy,...
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