Sri Lanka officially allows COVID-19 burials, but prepares to ban face veils

The Sri Lankan government has officially lifted a ban on the burial of bodies of people whose deaths were caused by COVID-19. The ban was...

Sri Lanka continues forced COVID-19 cremations despite PM’s pledge to stop them

The Sri Lankan government has continued to forcibly cremate COVID-19 victims despite a pledge last week by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to stop the policy...

Sri Lanka to allow COVID-19 burials for Muslims

In a stunning reversal of policy the Sri Lankan Prime Minister has told Parliament that Muslim coronavirus victims will be allowed burial rights. Mahinda Rajapaksa gave...

Sri Lankan govt rejects UN demand to stop forced COVID cremations

The Sri Lankan government has said it will not comply with a United Nations report on Sri Lanka which demands the country stop forcibly cremating Muslim...

Sri Lankan government insists it will continue forced COVID cremations

The Sri Lankan government has insisted it will continue to cremate all coronavirus victims, effectively rejecting recommendations from its own medical experts to allow...

Sri Lankan govt fails to act after expert panel backs burials for COVID-19 victims

The Sri Lankan government appears to be dragging its heels after an expert medical panel it appointed concluded that burials were safe for COVID-19...

MCB to sue Sri Lankan government over forced cremations

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has announced that it will launch legal action against the Sri Lankan government’s forced cremation policy. Colombo's policy of...

Sri Lankan authorities cremate 20 day old Muslim baby

The Sri Lankan authorities burned the dead body of a 20 day old Muslim baby on Wednesday in accordance with the nation's controversial policy...

Sri Lanka Supreme Court rejects demands to stop cremating Muslim COVID-19 victims

Sri Lanka's Supreme Court has rejected petitions by members of the Muslim community against the government's regulation that makes cremations mandatory for COVID-related...

Sri Lanka bans cattle slaughter in move which targets Muslim traders

Sri Lanka has announced that it will ban cattle slaughter, in a move that's being seen as politically-motivated to please the Buddhist majority and harm...