5Pillars’ readers survey: Here’s what you had to say

"You're doing a great job but you need to be bigger and better" is the headline I would choose if I had to summarise...

Who is ISIS-K – the Islamic State Khorasan Province?

ISIS-K - which has been blamed for deadly bombings in Kabul today which have killed dozens at least - is the regional affiliate of...

Is Israel really winning in Africa?

Palestinian-American journalist and author Ramzy Baroud explains how Israel has managed to penetrate several African nations in its bid for international acceptance.  The decision by the African...

Mullah Baradar: The man tipped to be Afghanistan’s next president

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the man tipped to be Afghanistan's next president, is a co-founder of the Taliban who served in the Islamic movement's...

Who will speak up for Muslim fathers denied access to their children?

Nearly one in three children now live without a father in the UK, and as Abu Anisa explains, divorced Muslim fathers are also being...

Naftali Bennett: Israel’s likely far-right, anti-Palestinian leader

Sabina Hashmy profiles Naftali Bennett, the far-right, anti-Palestinian, settler-champion accused of war crimes who is set to become Israel's new leader. After twelve years, four elections...

Salahuddin: The conquerer and liberator of Al Quds

Salahuddin was the heroic conquerer and liberator of Al-Quds, wresting control of the city from the Crusaders in 1187. He was a great military...

Digital colonialism: Palestine voices censored by social media giants

Following the violent escalation in occupied Palestine complaints of mass online censorship targeting pro-Palestine accounts have flooded social media, writes Robert Carter. Many social media...

Idrees Jan: Arbitrarily sacked by Indian authorities in Kashmir

Zulkarnain Banday reports from Indian-occupied Kashmir on the first victim of a new law which allows the Indian authorities to arbitrarily sack government employees...

Did the Ottomans really commit genocide against the Armenians?

April 24th marks the international commemoration of the "Armenian genocide," but Sabina Hashmy asks if a million Armenians were really massacred by the Ottoman...
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