Comeback king Mahathir Mohamad sworn in as Prime Minister of Malaysia

In a remarkable political comeback the former long-term leader of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, has been sworn in as prime minister again after a shock...

Indonesian court upholds government decision to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir

An Indonesian court has upheld a government decision to ban Islamic political group Hizb ut-Tahrir. The Jakarta State Administrative Court rejected an appeal by Hizb...

VIDEO: Chinese authorities raid mosque and arrest congregation members and imam

Video footage of communist authorities in China raiding a mosque and arresting Hui Muslim congregation members including the imam.

Hindu extremists desecrate mosque with saffron and place photo of idol on wall

Video footage of Hindu extremists in India desecrating a mosque with saffron powder and placing a photo of an idol on the wall.

VIDEO: Indian forces run over Kashmiri youth with armoured military vehicle

Video footage of occupying Indian forces running over and killing a Kashmiri youth named Adil Ahmed with an armoured military vehicle in Srinagar. 

Edhi Foundation: 355 dead infants found in Pakistani rubbish dumps in 2017

The Pakistani charity the Edhi Foundation says it found 355 dead infants in rubbish dumps across the country in 2017, and 99 percent of...

U.S. General calls the Taliban “apostates” and says American army are the “mujahideen”

Video footage of U.S Marine Corps General Robert Neller ex-communicating the Taliban as "apostates" and claiming that the American army are the real "mujahideen". 

Pakistan opens first school for transgender and hermaphrodite students in Lahore

Pakistan has opened its first school for transgenders and hermaphrodites in the city of Lahore. The ‘Gender Guardian’ school opened on April 15 and already has...

VIDEO: Imam in Chennai city brutally attacked by Hindu mob

Video footage of an imam being brutally attacked by a Hindu mob in the Indian city of Chennai. 

VIDEO: Muslim convert in India beaten and his beard shaven off by Hindu mob

Video footage of a Muslim convert being beaten, having his beard forcibly shaven off, and made to renounce Islam by a local Hindu mob...
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