Pakistan lifts all visa restrictions for Bangladeshis

Pakistan has lifted all restrictions on visas for Bangladeshi citizens and says it is now waiting for Dhaka to do the same. “Pakistan has already...

Sri Lankan govt fails to act after expert panel backs burials for COVID-19 victims

The Sri Lankan government appears to be dragging its heels after an expert medical panel it appointed concluded that burials were safe for COVID-19...

Indian state shuts down Islamic schools

An Indian state ruled by the Hindu nationalist BJP party has passed a law converting state-run Islamic schools into secular schools. More than 700 madrasas...

MCB to sue Sri Lankan government over forced cremations

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has announced that it will launch legal action against the Sri Lankan government’s forced cremation policy. Colombo's policy of...

International Criminal Court refuses to investigate China’s crackdown on Uyghurs

The International Criminal Court has decided not to pursue an investigation into China’s mass detention of Muslims because China is not a party to...

Sri Lankan authorities cremate 20 day old Muslim baby

The Sri Lankan authorities burned the dead body of a 20 day old Muslim baby on Wednesday in accordance with the nation's controversial policy...

Former Uyghur detainees say they were ‘forced to eat pork’

Uyghur Muslims who were former detainees have claimed that the forcible feeding of pork is rampant in Chinese re-education camps and detention centres. Sayragul Sautbay...

Sri Lanka Supreme Court rejects demands to stop cremating Muslim COVID-19 victims

Sri Lanka's Supreme Court has rejected petitions by members of the Muslim community against the government's regulation that makes cremations mandatory for COVID-related...

Muslim woman burned alive in India

Campaigners in India are demanding justice for a Muslim woman who was allegedly burned to death by a Hindu man and his friends in...

Muslim Pro cuts ties with data broker after U.S. military revelations

The Singapore-based developer of Islamic smartphone application Muslim Pro has denied allegations that it is selling the personal data of its users to the...
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