VIDEO: Buddhist mobs in Sri Lanka continue to destroy mosques across Kandy district

Video footage of a Buddhist mob destroying a mosque in the village of Digana in the Kandy district of Sri Lanka.

VIDEO: Famous Sri Lankan cricketer condemns anti-Muslim violence

A video message from Sri Lankan cricketer, Kumar Sangakkara, condemning the ongoing violence against Muslims by Buddhist mobs in Sri Lanka has gone viral.

VIDEO: Sri Lankan Buddhist monk threatens Muslim trader

The Colombo Telegraph website has posted a video showing a Buddhist monk demanding that a Muslim trader pack up and leave a local fair. The...

Inaction by Sri Lankan police over spate of Muslim businesses torched by Buddhists

The Sri Lankan government has imposed a curfew in a popular tourist town after days of unrest between religious communities with a spate of...

Pakistan and India exchange fire in occupied Kashmir

Pakistan and India have exchanged fire in the disputed region of Kashmir, which has resulted in hundreds of villagers fleeing, according to Indian police in...

VIDEO: Rohingya children send message of support to people of Ghouta

Video footage of British aid worker, Abdullah Karim, with Rohingya children in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, who send a message of support to...

VIDEO: Hindu vigilantes accuse Muslim man of “love jihad” for having a Hindu girlfriend

Video footage of Hindu vigilantes harassing a Muslim man and his Hindu girlfriend in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Pakistani serial killer sentenced to death for Zainab Ansari murder

A Pakistani serial killer convicted of the rape and murder of the seven-year-old girl Zainab Ansari has been sentenced to death. Zainab was found dead...

VIDEO: Extremist Hindu groups training youth how to lynch India’s Muslims

A short video showing Hindu extremist groups, who are tied to India's ruling BJP party, training youth how to lynch and kill Muslims.

Taliban issue public letter urging the U.S. to begin peace talks in Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban have published an open letter stating their desire for peace talks and calling on the “American people” and “peace-loving congressmen” to...
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