Imran Khan blames westernised culture for break down of society

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has blamed Western and Bollywood culture for the breakdown of family values in society. In an interview on Pakistani TV...

Taslima Nasreen says Moeen Ali would have joined ISIS if not for cricket

The Bangladeshi ex Muslim Taslima Nasreen has been roundly condemned for saying that England star Moeen Ali would have joined ISIS if it weren't...

Study of Hindu epics to become mandatory in Indian madrassas

The Indian education ministry has said that the teaching of Hindu religious traditions such as the Veda, yoga, Sanskrit and Hindu epics such as Ramayana and...

Islamabad to Istanbul freight train service resumes

In a further sign of ever closer relations between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, Pakistan Railways has announced it will resume freight train travel from Islamabad...

Sri Lanka officially allows COVID-19 burials, but prepares to ban face veils

The Sri Lankan government has officially lifted a ban on the burial of bodies of people whose deaths were caused by COVID-19. The ban was...

UK Foreign Secretary: China’s actions against Uyghurs are ‘beyond the pale’

The UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, has called for independent investigators to be given "urgent and unfettered access" to Xinjiang to inspect the welfare...

Sri Lanka continues forced COVID-19 cremations despite PM’s pledge to stop them

The Sri Lankan government has continued to forcibly cremate COVID-19 victims despite a pledge last week by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to stop the policy...

Sri Lanka to allow COVID-19 burials for Muslims

In a stunning reversal of policy the Sri Lankan Prime Minister has told Parliament that Muslim coronavirus victims will be allowed burial rights. Mahinda Rajapaksa gave...

Bangladesh threatens legal action against Al Jazeera over explosive documentary

The Foreign Minister of Bangladesh has said his government is considering taking legal action against Al Jazeera for "spreading misinformation" through broadcasting its recent...

Uyghur group calls for boycott of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Pro-Uyghur activists are calling governments around the world to boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. One year ahead of the opening ceremony on February 4, 2022, a...
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