China passes new law to make Islam “compatible” with socialism in five years

China has passed a new law that intends to make Islam “compatible” with socialism within the next five years. China's main English language newspaper, Global Times,...

Union of Muslim Scholars issue statement condemning China of Uyghur persecution

The International Union of Muslim Scholars have issued a statement condemning the Chinese government for its persecution of Uyghur Muslims in occupied East Turkestan...

One million Chinese people to move into Muslim homes to report about “unpatriotic beliefs”

More than one million Han Chinese people have reportedly moved into the homes of Uyghur Muslims to report back to the authorities about "unpatriotic"...

Amnesty: China must end systematic oppression against Muslims in Xinjiang

China must end its campaign of systematic repression and shed light on the fate of up to one million predominantly Muslim people arbitrarily detained...

VIDEO: Chinese authorities force Uyghur Muslims to drink alcohol at “re-education” camp

Video footage has emerged of Uyghur Muslims at a "re-education" camp in Xinjiang (occupied East Turkestan) being forced to drink alcohol during Ramadan by...

VIDEO: Uyghur Muslim families forced to live with Chinese state officials in their own...

Uyghur Muslim families across the Xinjiang region (occupied East Turkestan) are being forced to live with Chinese state officials in their own homes as...

VIDEO: Chinese authorities raid mosque and arrest congregation members and imam

Video footage of communist authorities in China raiding a mosque and arresting Hui Muslim congregation members including the imam.

VIDEO: Uyghur Muslim children taught at school not to engage in Islamic activities

Video footage of Uyghur children in the Xinjiang region of China being taught at school to not participate in Islamic activities or wear Muslim...

China bans children in predominantly Muslim province from attending Quran classes

Chinese authorities have banned school pupils in a predominantly Muslim province in western China from attending Quran classes during the winter break. The district education...

Kazakh Muslims in East Turkestan forced to sing songs praising Chinese Communist Party

Video footage of Kazakh Muslims in East Turkestan (Xinjiang) being forced to sing songs praising the Chinese Communist Party at a "re-education" camp.
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