Study of Hindu epics to become mandatory in Indian madrassas

The Indian education ministry has said that the teaching of Hindu religious traditions such as the Veda, yoga, Sanskrit and Hindu epics such as Ramayana and...

Indian state shuts down Islamic schools

An Indian state ruled by the Hindu nationalist BJP party has passed a law converting state-run Islamic schools into secular schools. More than 700 madrasas...

Muslim woman burned alive in India

Campaigners in India are demanding justice for a Muslim woman who was allegedly burned to death by a Hindu man and his friends in...

Indian actress Sana Khan gives up showbiz career for Islam

The Indian actress Sana Khan has decided to quit the entertainment industry after being enlightened by the "teachings of Islam." Khan, who has millions of...

Anti-CAA student activist writes powerful open letter to India’s Muslim community

The prominent Indian Muslim student activist, Sharjeel Usmani, has written a powerful open letter calling for civil disobedience in light of the ongoing systematic...

Family of British man jailed in India say he’s being targeted because he’s Muslim

The family of a British man jailed in India for allegedly breaching coronavirus laws say he's being targeted because he's Muslim and are campaigning...

India requests that Malaysia extradite Dr Zakir Naik

The Indian government has sent a formal request to Malaysia to extradite the prominent Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik.  The Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA)...

GoFundMe page aims to send generous Indian farm labourer’s wife on Hajj

A GoFundMe page has been set up to try to raise enough money to send the wife of an Indian farm labourer, who gave away...

Indian farm labourer donates Hajj savings to coronavirus victims

A farm labourer and his wife in India who had worked hard for years to save money to go on Hajj have donated everything...

EXCLUSIVE: Police brutality at Aligarh University was like ‘Kashmir and Palestine’

In this exclusive report from Aligarh city, journalist Zulkarnain Banday speaks with students and teaching staff at Aligarh Muslim University about the recent crackdown...
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