Khabib Nurmagomedov: “You can’t confine an eagle to a cage”

Speaking to a crowd full of supporters in Dagestan, the UFC Lightweight Champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, said that he "begged God every day" to face...

Danish police investigate officer who hugged a niqabi

A Danish policewoman who hugged a Muslim protester wearing the niqab is under investigation, the country's police complaints body has said. The officer hugged the...

Far-right party makes significant gains in Swedish elections

An anti-immigrant party with its roots in Neo-Nazism has made significant gains in the Swedish general election.  The Sweden Democrats won around 18% of the...

German city removes Erdogan statue after it was defaced

The German city of Wiesbaden has removed a 4m golden statue of Turkey's president after it was defaced with the words "Turkish Hitler." The statue...

Tariq Ramadan’s daughter calls for justice on his 56th birthday

Maryam Ramadan, the daughter of jailed Muslim academic Professor Tariq Ramadan, marks his 56th birthday by making this appeal for supporters to contact their...

Muslim woman denied French citizenship after refusing to shake hands with official

A French court has upheld a ruling denying an Algerian woman citizenship after she refused to shake the hand of an official. The woman, who...

Swedish woman who refused to shake hands at job interview paid compensation

A Swedish woman has won compensation after her job interview was ended when she refused a handshake with a male interviewer. Farah Alhajeh, 24, was...

VIDEO: Saudi badminton players refuse to compete and handshake with Israel team

Saudi Arabia's national badminton players refused to shake hands and compete with the Israeli team in an international tournament in Ukraine.

Denmark niqab ban: They want to eradicate every symbol of Islam from public life

5Pillars editor Roshan Muhammed Salih spoke to niqab-wearing Danish Muslim student Sabina. She told him that the niqab ban in Denmark is the result...

Protests in Denmark following controversial burqa ban

Denmark is the latest in a series of European countries to enforce the so-called "burqa ban," resulting in hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the...
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