Tariq Ramadan’s health “has deteriorated seriously”

The Free Tariq Ramadan campaign has said that the prominent Swiss Muslim academic's health has deteriorated seriously, citing a neurologist who examined him recently at...

Imams, politicians and academics express outrage at Tariq Ramadan’s treatment

Nearly 100 imams, academics and journalists have written an open letter expressing outrage at Professor Tariq Ramadan's treatment by the French judiciary. Ramadan has been...

One rape accusation against Tariq Ramadan dropped

One of the rape accusations levelled against Tariq Ramadan has been dropped, according to his lawyer. At a hearing last week Professor Ramadan admitted having...

Brave Malian immigrant in Paris rescues child hanging from balcony by scaling three storeys

An undocumented immigrant from Mali has been hailed as the “Spiderman of Paris” after he scaled three storeys of a building to rescue a...

French student leader criticised for wearing hijab

A French Muslim student union leader who has been accused by ministers of using the hijab for political gain has called the claims “pathetic”. France's...

VIDEO: French doctor refuses to treat Muslim child because mother is wearing hijab

Video footage of a medical doctor in France refusing to see a child because the mother is wearing the hijab.

VIDEO: Muslim woman in France violently arrested for wearing the niqab

Video footage of a Muslim woman being violently arrested by police in a public park for wearing the niqab, which is a criminal offence...

VIDEO: Christian activists in France try disrupting Jumah prayers

Video footage of Christian activists in France trying to disrupt Jumah prayers in public last Friday.

Tariq Ramadan in his own words: I am totally innocent

On February 2 Tariq Ramadan was held in precautionary detention after being accused of rape by two women. Since then he has been kept...

DEBATE: Will Tariq Ramadan get a fair trial?

5Pillars editor Roshan Muhammed Salih takes part in this debate on TRT World asking if Tariq Ramadan can get a fair trial in France. Professor...
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