Medieval Umayyad town in Spain designated a World Heritage site by UN

The remains of a medieval Muslim dynastic town in Spain have been made a World Heritage site by the United Nation’s cultural body UNESCO. Medina...

VIDEO: Muslim man makes the adhan inside Alhambra Palace in Spain

Video of a Muslim man making the adhan inside Alhambra Palace, which was the centre of Islamic Spain for nearly 600 years but was...

Muslim woman lynched by violent mob in Madrid in “revenge” for Barcelona attack

A Muslim woman was beaten unconscious by a violent mob in Spain in "revenge" for last week's vehicle attacks in Barcelona. The police have confirmed...

VIDEO: Right-wing thugs graffiti mosque in Spain and let-off flares

Video footage of right-wing thugs vandalising a mosque and letting-off flares in the Spanish city of Seville, in a spate of Islamophobic attacks across...

ISIS claim responsibility for Barcelona vehicle attack

The so-called "Islamic State" have claimed responsibility for yesterday's van attack in Barcelona which has killed at least 13 people. The deadly attack which has...

Pregnant Muslim woman wearing niqab attacked in Barcelona

Two men reported to have connections to extreme right-wing groups have been arrested for attacking a pregnant Muslim woman wearing a niqab in Barcelona. The...

Three Muslim women abused by Romanian woman on Barcelona train

Three Moroccan women are reported to have been insulted and assaulted by a Romanian national inside a Barcelona metro train in an alleged Islamophobic...
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