Belgium bans halal slaughtering

A ban on Muslim and Jewish methods of ritually slaughtering animals has come into force in Belgium. The ban brings Belgium in line with...

Muslim woman horrifically assaulted in Belgium

Two men have targeted a 19-year-old Muslim woman in Belgium, inflicting injuries upon her with a sharp object and calling her a “filthy Arab.” The...

Brussels Airport deports Muslim woman who refused to take off her niqab to Tunisia

A Danish Muslim woman who allegedly refused to take off her niqab at Brussels Airport has been deported to Tunisia after police were unable...

European Court of Human Rights uphold Belgium’s national niqab and burqa ban

The European Court of Human Rights has upheld Belgium’s ban on the niqab and burqas. European judges stated that the national ban, which came into...

Members of Belgian right-wing group storm Muslim restaurant wearing pig masks

Video footage showing members of a Belgian anti-immigration group storming a Muslim owned restaurant wearing pig masks. This video footage was cross-posted from DOAM Facebook page.

Belgium’s largest region votes to ban halal and kosher slaughter

Belgium's largest region has voted to ban halal and kosher meats by prohibiting the slaughter of animals which are not stunned. The environment committee of...

European Court of Justice rules that employers can ban hijabs at work

The European Union's top law court has ruled that employers are entitled to ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols, such as hijabs, at...

Group called “Christian State” threatens to kill all Belgian Muslims

A letter from a group calling itself the “Christian State” has been sent to Belgium's main mosque Attadamoune, threatening to kill all Muslims. The anonymous...

Belgian school teacher accused of hanging five year old Muslim pupil by the neck

A Belgian primary school teacher has been accused of hanging a 5-year-old pupil by his neck in the school's playground after the child refused to stand in...

Calls for Belgian fruit syrup boycott over halal labelling

A popular Belgian fruit syrup is at the centre of a national identity row after its manufacturers applied for halal certification. The makers of Sirop...
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