Homeless Bangladeshi immigrant saves Israeli woman from drowning in Italy

Italian authorities have hailed the bravery of a homeless Bangladeshi immigrant for saving a woman from drowning. Sobuj Khalifa, an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant saved a...

Muslim mayor of Tuscany refuses to take in refugees

A Muslim mayor in the Italian seaside community of Monte Argentario has sparked political controversy for refusing to accept any refugees. Centre-right mayor Arturo Cerulli...

Pope Francis condemns Burmese government for persecuting Rohingya Muslims

Pope Francis delivered a speech defending the right of Burma’s Rohingya Muslims to “live their faith”, and criticised the country’s government for carrying out...

Rome airport staff refuse to allow woman to board flight without removing hijab for...

A Muslim woman has been told by Rome Airport staff that she would have to take off her hijab for a security check if...

Venice Mayor orders police to shoot anyone shouting “Allahu Akbar” in city

The right-wing mayor of the Italian city of Venice has ordered police to shoot anyone who shouts “Allahu Akbar” rather than risk a potential...

Bangladeshi man selling roses rescues Italian woman from 25-man gang rape

An Italian woman who was attacked and dragged away by a group of 25 men in Florence was rescued by a Bangladeshi rose seller...

Muslim woman in Italy says she was denied gym membership because of her hijab

An Italian city council has promised to support a Muslim woman who says she was refused gym membership because she was wearing a hijab. The...
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