Bangladeshi man selling roses rescues Italian woman from 25-man gang rape

Left to right: Gaia Guarnotta and Hossein Alamgir

An Italian woman who was attacked and dragged away by a group of 25 men in Florence was rescued by a Bangladeshi rose seller who intervened and drove the gang away.

Gaia Guarnotta, 25, was walking alone at 11.30pm on Wednesday night when she was approached by a large group of drunken men near Piazza della Republica.

She said the men, who are believed to be locals, first tried to convince her to have sex with all of them.

The photographer, originally from Livorno, said the men then dragged her away by the arm and even took off her glasses.

Ms Guarnotta stated that the perpetrators called her a “whore”, spat at her and then tried to take her away to an unknown location.

On her Facebook page, she wrote: “I was walking alone on the street at 23.30. I like to walk, I love Florence and I love the night.”

But, fortunately for her, rose seller Hossein Alamgir heard the row and raced to her aid by chasing the gang away.

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The 58-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant has lived in Italy since 2005.

After rescuing Ms Guarnotta, he took her to a safe place and fed her along with providing her with towels so that she could wash herself.

He also gave her a rose as a present before she went back home.

Ms Guarnotta added: “Thank you to this world for there are people like Hossein who helped without wanting anything in return…This is a face I will never forget”.

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