Rome airport staff refuse to allow woman to board flight without removing hijab for security check

A Muslim woman has been told by Rome Airport staff that she would have to take off her hijab for a security check if she wanted to get on a flight to London.

Mail Online reports that Aghnia Adzkia was passing through security when she was asked to take off her headscarf. Ms Adzkia claims to have been discriminated against and says she saw nuns passing through security without being asked to remove their habits.

The Indonesian citizen who lives in London made a video of her experience at Ciampino Airport in the Italian capital of Rome on Sunday.

In the clip the Goldsmith’s University student can be seen repeatedly demanding to see the law stating that the hijab must be removed at an airport security check.

But the officers were adamant that they would not let her pass unless she followed their rules.

The female security official can be heard saying: “You could hide something in your hair. If you don’t take it off, we do not know if there’s something inside, okay? You are not safe for us.”

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She alleges that a female security staff member asked her to follow her to a private room so she could check the hijab. But Ms Adzkia refused to take off her hijab claiming she was being unfairly targeted.

She claims a male security officer then dragged her out of the security area in an ‘indecent way’ grabbing her bag and shouting at her to be quiet.

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