PM Sheikh Hasina condemns Myanmar for ethnic cleansing of Rohingya

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh has condemned the Myanmar authorities for the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya, and has urged Myanmar to allow...

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims arrive in Bangladesh after escaping genocide

On Monday morning, thousands of Rohingya Muslims arrived at a remote Bangladeshi border island after escaping persecution from the Myanmar army and Buddhist militias. It...

Israel refuses to stop selling weapons to Myanmar

Israel has refused to stop selling weapons to the Myanmar government after the United States and the European Union have imposed an arms embargo...

VIDEO: Rohingya Muslims fleeing their village say they have not eaten in four days

Video footage of Rohingya Muslims fleeing a military raid on their village by the Myanmar army explaining that they have not eaten in four...

Rohingya families take refuge on mountain after Myanmar army torched their homes

Video footage of Rohingya Muslims taking refuge on top of a mountain after the Myanmar army torched their homes in the village of Shilkhali.

VIDEO: Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims fleeing brutal military raids by Myanmar army

Video footage showing hundreds of Rohingya Muslims fleeing their villages in the rain from the brutal military raids by the Myanmar army.

Aung San Suu Kyi says Rohingya violence is “Muslims killing Muslims”

During a recent interview with the BBC, Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi denies that there is ethnic cleansing taking place against the Rohingya...

Rohingya children learn Quran outside after school was torched by Myanmar army

Video footage of Rohingya Muslim children learning Quran in the open after their school was burnt down by the Myanmar army. This video was posted...

Rohingya women at Bangladeshi refugee camp describe mass rape by Myanmar army

Rohingya Muslim women in a Bangladeshi refugee camp describe the harrowing stories of how they were raped and tortured by the Myanmar army and...

VIDEO: Islamic school demolished by Buddhist Myanmar border guard police

Video footage of an Islamic school in the town of Maungdaw which was demolished by Myanmar's Buddhist border guard police on Saturday 7th January...
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