VIDEO: Rohingya Muslim describes her ordeal since converting from Buddhism

A Rohingya Muslim woman describes the torture and oppression she and her husband have faced since converting to Islam from Buddhism. This video was first...

VIDEO: Myanmar army conducts mass arrests, torture and sexual abuses in Rohingya village

Video footage of testimonies of families, mainly Muslim women, describing how the Buddhist Myanmar army conducted mass arrests, torture and sexual abuses in the...

VIDEO: Rohingya woman describes how niece was tied to tree and raped by...

A Rohingya Muslim woman describes how her niece was tied to a tree and repeatedly raped by the Buddhist Burmese army. This video was translated...

VIDEO: Rohingya Muslim boy beaten and tortured by Buddhist extremists

Video footage of a Rohingya Muslim boy who was brutally beaten and tortured by Buddhist militiamen in Myanmar. This video was first posted by DOAM.

VIDEO: Rohingya Muslim woman explains why she’s fleeing Myanmar

A harrowing account of a Rohingya Muslim woman's reasons for fleeing persecution in Myanmar. 

Anti-Muslim violence continues in Burmese state of Rakhine

The UN has called on Burma to investigate reports that scores of Rohingya Muslims have been killed in attacks by Buddhists in Rakhine state. UN...
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