Thousands of Rohingya Muslims arrive in Bangladesh after escaping genocide

04 Sep 2017- This morning, Thousands of #Rohingya survivors arrived after running all night from the Myanmar Army and Buddhist extremist mobs and now stuck in a remote Bangladesh border island. No permission to enter Bangladesh and No help either. They are tired and starving. Most of them are women and children. Many babies might starve to death soon. #UN @UN must reach them with helping hand before more people die. Please help. #SOS #Arakan #Bangladesh #RohingyaMuslims #MyanmarTerrorism #Myanmar

Posted by Rohingya Community on Monday, 4 September 2017

On Monday morning, thousands of Rohingya Muslims arrived at a remote Bangladeshi border island after escaping persecution from the Myanmar army and Buddhist militias.

It is estimated that around 123,000 Rohingya refugees arrived in Bangladesh since 25 August 2017.

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