UAE to offer high-skilled migrant workers long-term visas

The UAE has announced sweeping changes to its visa system with sought-after key workers such as doctors, engineers and their families now eligible for 10-year...

Israel’s PM Netanyahu says Iran and ISIS are biggest terrorists in Ramadan message

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wishes Muslims around the world "Ramadan kareem" whilst stating Iran and ISIS as the biggest killers of Muslims.

Palestinian boy challenges Israeli soldiers who refuse to let him enter Masjid Al-Aqsa

Video footage of a brave Palestinian boy challenging two occupying Israeli soldiers who refused to let him enter Masjid Al-Aqsa.  

Names and faces of 59 unarmed Palestinians massacred by Israel in Gaza this week

Gaza's Ministry of Health have released the names of 59 Palestinians killed by occupying Israeli forces earlier this week. 1. Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor, 8 months...

“Mr President Ramadan kareem” TV commercial highlights oppression of Muslims worldwide

A new TV commercial produced by a Kuwaiti telecom company entitled "Mr President Ramadan kareem" depicts the reactions of different world leaders to the...

VIDEO: The moment Israeli snipers opened fire on unarmed protesters in Gaza

Video footage showing the moment Israeli snipers opened fire on unarmed Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip yesterday, which resulted in 58 deaths and...

Israeli troops kills dozens of Palestinian protestors

Israeli troops have killed dozens of Palestinians after opening fire on protestors who gathered near the Gaza border for the climax of a six-week demonstration coinciding...

VIDEO: Small rat causes havoc in an Israeli gathering next to the Wailing Wall

Video footage of a small rat causing chaos in an Israeli gathering next to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

VIDEO: Alawite village in Homs welcome soldier who plants Russian flag on top of...

Video footage of local residents in an Alawite village in the city of Homs welcoming a Russian soldier who plants the Russian flag on...

VIDEO: Palestinian woman collapses after Israeli forces demolish her home

Video footage of a Palestinian woman collapsing after occupying Israeli forces demolished her home in a three storey residential building in the town al-Isawiya.
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