Palestinians continue prayers in ruins of Gaza’s Great Omari Mosque

Amidst the ruins of Gaza’s Great Omar Mosque, which was severely destroyed by Israeli air strikes, Palestinians continue to gather to pray.

Although many parts of the mosque collapsed in the attacks, the mosque’s Imam Aref did not abandon the historical building and still recites Islamic call to prayer.

Also known as Gaza’s oldest mosque, it was opened in the 7th Century on the site of a Byzantine church.

The Great Omar Mosque is reportedly named after the second caliph of Islam, Omar ibn al-Khattab.

Gaza contains hundreds of heritage sites, including antiquities sites, historic buildings, museums, cultural centers, archives, monuments and libraries.

Israel’s deadly offensive on the Gaza Strip has left hundreds of historical and archaeological sites and artifacts destroyed.

In January, an Israeli NGO, Emek Shaveh organization, said in a statement that 60% of heritage sites suffered extensive damage in the Israeli war, including key historic sites such as the Omar Mosque and the Church of St. Porphyrius.

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Source: AA

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