Istanbul election re-run angers opposition sparking new protests

Turkey's electoral body has been criticised for ordering Istanbul's local elections to be re-held after the ruling AK Party lost the city in March. The...

Turkish football fans praise Allah in solidarity with victims of Christchurch mosque attacks

Turkish football fans and players praised Allah in solidarity with the 50 Muslims who were killed in a double mosque attack in Christchurch, New...

Turkey tells China to close “re-education” camps after death of Uyghur musician

Turkey has demanded that China close its “re-education” camps which has forcibly detained Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims, after reports of the death of...

Islamic youth movement held demonstration in Istanbul for Uyghur Muslims

An Islamic youth movement in Turkey held a demonstration in Istanbul to raise awareness about the oppressed Uyghur Muslims of occupied East Turkestan. At least...

Journalists gather in Istanbul to launch major media offensive in support of Palestine

Hundreds of journalists, academics and activists from around the world have gathered in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, to coordinate their efforts to support the...

Turkey commemorates death of man who abolished the Caliphate

Turkey commemorated the 80th death anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk yesterday - the secular, nationalist founder of the Turkish Republic and the man who abolished the Islamic...

Turkish police arrest notorious cult leader Adnan Oktar

Turkish police have arrested the controversial cult leader Adnan Oktar who is famous around the Muslim world under his pen name Harun Yahya. Oktar is...

Millions of Turks head to the polls today for presidential and parliamentary elections

Millions of Turks are heading to the polls today in one of the most fiercely fought presidential and parliamentary elections in the country’s history. Polls...

VIDEO: Local residents in Turkey rescue a child who fell from second floor balcony

Video footage of local residents in Turkey who heroically prevented a toddler from hitting the ground from a second floor balcony. The video is originally...

VIDEO: Man filmed smashing statue of Kemal Ataturk with sledgehammer

Video footage of a man smashing a statue of Kemal Ataturk with a sledgehammer before he was restrained by members of the public in...
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