Tensions increase between Qatar and Saudi Arabia over Hajj

Tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia have again increased over access to the Hajj after the two countries appeared to have reached an agreement...

Saudi Arabia and Qatar in furious row over Hajj

Qatar has accused Saudi Arabia of politicising the Hajj, claiming Riyadh has imposed restrictions on Qatari nationals planning to travel to Makkah for the...

Qatari cleric issues stern religious reminder to Saudi’s Grand Mufti over boycott edict

A prominent Qatari scholar has written a letter criticising the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia for his religious edict justifying the boycott of the small...

Saudi gives Qatar 10 days to comply with 13 demands including closing down Al...

Four Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia have given Qatar 10 days to comply with 13 sweeping demands in order to lift the ongoing...

Six Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia and UAE cut ties with Qatar

Six Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing the country of supporting terrorism and Iran. The...

Emir of Qatar scolds international community over Syria/Palestine inaction

The Emir of Qatar has scolded the international community for its "inaction" over the crises in Syria and Israel/Palestine. In an address to the United...

Qatar bans poor labourers from living in nearly all of Doha

The Qatari authorities have published maps detailing "no-go" zones where poor labourers living in Doha without their families will not be allowed to live. Doha...

Emir of Qatar calls for Arab-Iranian dialogue

Qatar's emir has offered to host a "meaningful dialogue" in an attempt to calm Arab-Iranian differences that underlie key conflicts in the Middle East. Sheikh...

Al Jazeera English instructs staff not to call Syria’s Jabhat al Nusra “Al Qaeda”

Al Jazeera English has instructed all of its news and website staff not to refer to the official al-Qaeda franchise in Syria – Jabhat...

Qatar public sector workers to get 11-day Eid holiday

Qatar’s ministries, government institutions and public entities will get 11 days off for Eid al-Fitr this year, in a move that's likely to benefit...
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