VIDEO: Muslim choir girls sing Arabic Christmas carol in Lebanon

Video footage of Muslim choir girls singing Arabic Christmas carols in Beirut. The video features 40 girls from the Shia institution Imam Sadr Foundation singing "Silent...

Over $140K raised for Syrian refugee after picture goes viral

Over $140,000 has been raised after a picture of a Syrian refugee seemingly trying to sell pens on a street in Beirut with his...

Syrian rebels and Lebanon’s Islamists dismiss ISIS Khilafah

There has been a near consensus of rejection amongst Syrian rebel factions and Lebanon’s Islamists over the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’s (ISIS)...

Omar Bakri faces death penalty if convicted of terrorism charges

Omar Bakri Muhammad, formerly one of Britain’s most infamous "radical preachers," was charged by the Lebanese authorities yesterday with belonging to a terrorist organisation...

Omar Bakri arrested by Lebanese security forces

Omar Bakri Muhammad, formerly one of Britain's most infamous radical preachers, has been arrested in Lebanon. Bakri was wanted by authorities for his alleged role...

Omar Bakri “on the run” in Lebanon after house raid

Omar Bakri Muhammad - once one of Britain's most outspoken "radical preachers" - is reported to be on the run in Lebanon after authorities...

Sectarian tensions increase across the Muslim world

Sectarian tensions have increased sharply across the Muslim world following Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah's intervention in Syria and the reaction of Sunni politicians and clerics...

For and against: Should Hezbollah be in Syria?

The Muslim world has been polarized by the destructive conflict in Syria which has left up to 100,000 dead, created millions of refugees and...
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