Swedish far-right activists burn and desecrate Quran, sparking riots

Far-right activists have burned the Quran in Malmo, Sweden, sparking riots in the Rosengard district.  The unrest started on Friday when a group of activists...

Norway honours Oslo mosque shooting heroes

Norway has honoured two Muslim heroes who tackled a neo-Nazi gunmen at a mosque near Oslo last year.  Muhammad Rafiq, 66, and Mohammad Iqbal, who...

Germany prosecutes BDS activists who interrupted speech by Israel Knesset member

A vigil has been held outside the German Embassy in London in solidarity with three BDS activists who are on trial in Germany accused of...

French police slammed for ‘abusive checks on Blacks and Arabs’

Human Rights Watch has slammed the French police for its use of stop-and-frisk powers to conduct discriminatory and abusive checks on Black and Arab boys...

Far-right extremist who opened fire on Norway mosque jailed for 21 yrs

A far-right extremist in Norway has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing his Chinese-born stepsister and then opening fire on an...

Freddie Oumar Kanoute helps raise $1m to build mosque in Seville

The former footballer Freddie Oumar Kanoute has helped to raise over $1m in a crowdfunding campaign to build the first mosque in Seville, Spain,...

Scholars, activists call on France to give Tariq Ramadan a fair trial

Around 150 international scholars, politicians, social activists and journalists have called on the French Justice Minister to grant Professor Tariq Ramadan a speedy and fair...

French court summons Tariq Ramadan after he reveals identity of accuser

Tariq Ramadan has been summoned to appear at the Paris Criminal Court on June 24 for revealing the identity of one of the women...

Tariq Ramadan: The court cases against me are there to “muzzle me”

Tariq Ramadan, who is currently banned from leaving France while court cases against him for sexual assault are still ongoing, has said he believes...

Hanau attack suspect Tobias Rathjen “hated ethnic minorities”

The suspected gunman who killed nine people in the German town of Hanau has been named by local media as Tobias Rathjen, a far-right extremist...
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