VIDEO: Sinead O’Connor’s first interview since becoming Muslim

Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's speaks to the Deen Show in her first interview since becoming Muslim.

Turkey condemns Iceland’s “unacceptable” treatment of footballers at airport

Turkey has issued a diplomatic note to Iceland slamming the “unacceptable” treatment its national football team received at the airport. The Turkish footballers were not...

French Muslim party aims to win seats in European elections

The Democratic Union of French Muslims (DUFM) is hoping to win a French Muslim party’s first seats in the European Parliament as voters go...

VIDEO: Khabib Nurmagomedov training in Dagestan during Ramadan

UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov training in his native village in Dagestan during Ramadan. 

Austria passes law banning hijab in primary schools but not Sikh turban or Jewish...

The Austrian parliament has approved a law banning girls in primary schools from wearing the hijab. The bill which was passed on Wednesday is likely...

Innocent Muslim teen stabbed to death by gang of thugs in south Dublin park

An innocent Muslim teenage boy was stabbed to death by a gang of thugs in a park in south Dublin. Azzam Raguragui, 18, was walking...

Dutch politician who hated Islam and said “Quran is poison” describes his first Ramadan

A former Dutch politician who once said “Islam is a lie” and the “Quran is poison” describes his first Ramadan after becoming Muslim last...

Muslim woman in Italy says she was denied gym membership because of her hijab

An Italian city council has promised to support a Muslim woman who says she was refused gym membership because she was wearing a hijab. The...

The West’s selective solidarity over Notre-Dame fire

The fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral demonstrated the selective solidarity of the international community. Historical mosques in Palestine, Syria and China as well as UNESCO...

VIDEO: What is the future of Islam and Muslims in Europe?

Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe with the Muslim population expected to triple in some countries by 2050. However, with the increasing...
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