French authorities close mosque, launch raids on Muslim organisations

Following the beheading of a schoolteacher on Friday, the French authorities have launched a huge operation against the so-called "Islamist movement" in an operation...

Muslim man denied German citizenship for refusing to shake woman’s hand

A Muslim man who passed the German naturalisation test but refused to shake hands with a female official has been denied citizenship. The Administrative...

Teacher who showed pupils Prophet caricatures beheaded in Paris

A man armed with a knife has beheaded a history teacher in front of his school in a suburb of Paris. The teacher had recently showed...

French police arrest Muslim activist after he launched anti Islamophobia campaign

French riot police have arrested Idriss Sihamedi, the president of the Muslim charity BarakaCity, after raiding his home. According to BarakaCity, Sihamedi was violently beaten...

France in shock as freed hostage reveals she converted to Islam

The former French hostage Sophie Pétronin has shocked France by revealing that she converted to Islam during her four year captivity in Mali.  The 75 year...

What’s the difference between Macron’s dog-whistle Islamophobia and the far-right?

President Emmanuel Macron's latest dog-whistle Islamophobia is a testimony to the fact that 'liberal' and 'far-right' rhetoric surrounding Islam and Muslims is not that...

French MPs walk out of parliament in protest at hijabi student leader

French MPs have walked out of Parliament in protest at a student union leader who appeared at a parliamentary inquiry wearing a hijab. When Maryam Pougetoux,...

Kosovo to normalise ties with Israel, open embassy in Jerusalem

Kosovo has agreed to normalise ties with Israel and will become the first Muslim nation to open an embassy in occupied Jerusalem. The move is part...

France: Survey shows huge gap between Muslims and general public over Charlie Hebdo attacks

A new survey has demonstrated the huge gap between the opinions of French Muslims and the wider community over the deadly Charlie Hebdo attacks. The...

Charlie Hebdo republishes blasphemous Prophet Muhammad cartoons

The Islamophobic, racist French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has republished blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) that made them the target of a...
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