Former Uyghur detainees say they were ‘forced to eat pork’

Uyghur Muslims who were former detainees have claimed that the forcible feeding of pork is rampant in Chinese re-education camps and detention centres. Sayragul Sautbay...

Sri Lanka Supreme Court rejects demands to stop cremating Muslim COVID-19 victims

Sri Lanka's Supreme Court has rejected petitions by members of the Muslim community against the government's regulation that makes cremations mandatory for COVID-related...

Muslim woman burned alive in India

Campaigners in India are demanding justice for a Muslim woman who was allegedly burned to death by a Hindu man and his friends in...

Muslim Pro cuts ties with data broker after U.S. military revelations

The Singapore-based developer of Islamic smartphone application Muslim Pro has denied allegations that it is selling the personal data of its users to the...

Personal data from Muslim Pro app ‘is ending up with U.S. military’

The Muslim Pro prayer app, which has over 98 million downloads, is connected to a supply chain that sends ordinary people's personal data to...

Huge demonstration in Bangladesh gives government 24 hours to cut ties with France

At least 50,000 people have staged a huge demonstration in Bangladesh over Emmanuel Macron’s stance on the right to publish cartoons of the Prophet...

Pakistani police no closer to finding killers of Maulana Adil Khan

Pakistani police still don't know the identity of those who murdered prominent Sunni leader Maulana Adil Khan in Karachi on Saturday. The head of Jamia...

Pakistan blames India as prominent Sunni leader is assassinated

The prominent Sunni scholar Maulana Adil Khan was shot dead in Karachi's Shah Faisal area last night, with Prime Minister Imran Khan calling it "an...

Indian actress Sana Khan gives up showbiz career for Islam

The Indian actress Sana Khan has decided to quit the entertainment industry after being enlightened by the "teachings of Islam." Khan, who has millions of...

Sri Lanka bans cattle slaughter in move which targets Muslim traders

Sri Lanka has announced that it will ban cattle slaughter, in a move that's being seen as politically-motivated to please the Buddhist majority and harm...
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