Afghanistan cracks down on opium production

Afghan farmers, who once cultivated opium poppies, are now harvesting roses.

In the Dara-I-Nur district of Nangarhar, approximately 700 to 800 farmers have embraced the cultivation of various flowers.

The Islamic Emirate has banned growing the poppy, which is processed to produce heroin.

Afghanistan has been the world’s primary source of opium and its derivative, heroin, for many decades.

Despite a brief decline in 2001 when the Islamic Emirate outlawed opium production, the industry swiftly rebounded and escalated to unprecedented levels under the US-led occupation of Afghanistan.

With the Islamic Emirate’s return to power, the cultivation of opium poppies has once again been prohibited. Authorities are urging farmers to abandon narcotic-related plants for other ‘good’ crops. Suggested alternatives include vegetables, saffron, and roses.

Source: AA

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