Indian Muslim party condemns decision to legalise homosexuality

The Indian Muslim party Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has condemned the Indian Supreme Court’s decision to decriminalise homosexuality. JIH Secretary General, Muhammad Salim Engineer, said the decision...

VIDEO: Sikh police officer saves Muslim man from Hindu lynch mob in India

Video footage of a Sikh police officer protecting a Muslim man from a Hindutva lynch mob in the Indian city of Dehradun.

Hindu mob protected by local Indian police rioted and looted Muslim neighbourhood

Video footage of a Hindu mob rioting and vandalising properties and vehicles under the protection of local Indian police in a Muslim neighbourhood of...

Hindu extremists desecrate mosque with saffron and place photo of idol on wall

Video footage of Hindu extremists in India desecrating a mosque with saffron powder and placing a photo of an idol on the wall.

VIDEO: Indian forces run over Kashmiri youth with armoured military vehicle

Video footage of occupying Indian forces running over and killing a Kashmiri youth named Adil Ahmed with an armoured military vehicle in Srinagar. 

VIDEO: Imam in Chennai city brutally attacked by Hindu mob

Video footage of an imam being brutally attacked by a Hindu mob in the Indian city of Chennai. 

VIDEO: Muslim convert in India beaten and his beard shaven off by Hindu mob

Video footage of a Muslim convert being beaten, having his beard forcibly shaven off, and made to renounce Islam by a local Hindu mob...

VIDEO: Hindu mob disrupt Muslims praying jummah in a public space

Video footage of a Hindu mob disrupting Muslims praying jummah in a public space in the city of Gurgaon.

Indian lawyer tells reporter that murder and rape of Asifa Bano was a “bullsh*t...

Video footage of an Indian Hindu lawyer telling a ARY news reporter that the horrific rape and murder of eight-year-old Asifa Bano in occupied...

Indian man says “Let Kashmir burn” in response to Asifa Bano’s rape and murder

A Hindu man in India is filmed saying "We don't care, let Kashmir burn" in response to the horrific gang rape and murder of...
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