Who is the government funding? Mustafa Field: a Shia case study

Journalist Nargess Moballeghi investigates the work of Mustafa Field, who has implemented several government-funded counter-terrorism initiatives, especially in the Shia community. The government is funding...

Boys in the Cave podcast: Ummah in focus

In this episode of the Boys in the Cave podcast, deputy editor of 5Pillars, Dilly Hussain, discusses the Jamal Kashoggi murder, intra-Muslim racism, nationalism, the...

The Prevent strategy: From violent international terrorism to local religious conservatism

Journalist Nargess Moballeghi has written a series of in-depth articles about how the government's Prevent counter extremism strategy targets Muslims. In this first piece,...

DEBATE: Is it wrong not to identify as a feminist?

Zara Faris from the Muslim Debate Initiative recently participated in a cross-panel debate hosted by the University of Southampton on whether it is wrong...

Dilly Hussain speaks to Mad Mamluks podcast about ‘Khabibmania’

Deputy Editor of 5Pillars, Dilly Hussain, featured in a Mad Mamluks podcast where he discusses Khabib Nurmagomedov's UFC championship win against Conor McGregor and...

What is the most powerful Muslim country in the world?

5Pillars editor Roshan Muhammed Salih has compiled a subjective list of the most powerful countries in the Muslim world. He judged them on nine criteria –...

Maryam Ramadan: “We must denounce the injustice suffered by my father”

Maryam Ramadan, the daughter of the prominent academic and thinker Professor Tariq Ramadan, talks about her father’s incarceration and what appears to be a...

Beyond the Muslim identity crisis

Will Muslims remain prisoners of the Islamophobic narrative or can we reclaim our collective Muslim story? Could this missing Muslim narrative have revolutionary consequences...

REVIEW: Cuts of the Cloth – Muslim women, Islamophobia and the War on Terror

Dr Fahid Qurashi reviews the play ‘Cuts of the Cloth’, which is a poignant and disturbing portrayal of a Muslim woman caught in the...

VIDEO: This is how America weaponised the world

An insightful video by data scientist, Will Geary, showing how the United States has been arming the world since 1950.
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