EXCLUSIVE: Bilal Abdul Kareem – Life with the Syrian rebels

Film-maker Bilal Abdul Kareem lived with the Syrian rebels for two years, documenting their political and military developments as they fought to topple Bashar...

Louis Smith: I want to apologise directly to the Muslim community

Olympic gymnast Louis Smith has told 5Pillars that his behaviour in a video where he is shown mocking Islam was "inexcusable," and that he...

Review of the Year Jan-March 2016: David Cameron voted Islamophobe of the Year

Over the next few days 5Pillars will be looking back over the biggest Muslim stories of the year, at home and abroad. We start...

Review of the Year Oct-Dec 2016: Trump wins and Aleppo falls

We conclude our look back on 2016 with the months October to December, during which international news dominated with the election of the Islamophobe...

The Muslim gangs of Luton

Dilly Hussain, who was born and bred in Luton's little neighbour Bedford, investigates how the Muslim gangs of Luton perform a dual role -...

Review of the Year April-June 2016: Sadiq Khan elected London mayor

We continue our look back at the major Muslim news stories in 2016 at home and abroad. The months April-June were dominated by the...

Dr Yasir Qadhi on the history of the Mawlid

With the mawlid shortly approaching, Dr Yasir Qadhi explains the various opinions regarding the birth date of the Prophet (saw) that are mentioned. This article...

The martyrs of 1987 and the Saudi violation of Hajj

Arzu Merali is one of the founders of the Islamic Human Rights Commission   Arzu Merali argues that last year’s disaster in Mina was just more...

Review of July-September 2016: Post-Brexit hate crime soars

We continue our review of 2016, focusing on the month’s July to September when post-Brexit hate crimes soared and Anjem Choudary was convicted of...

Why are Scottish Muslims more comfortable with their identity than English ones?

Nafees Mahmud is a freelance writer based in Scotland   5Pillars journalist Nafees Mahmud explores why Muslims in the land of thistles and bagpipes experience life differently...
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