Mimar Sinan – Islam’s greatest architect

Mimar Sinan, arguably the greatest and most influential architect of all time, died exactly 432 years ago on July 17, 1588. Born in Anatolia in...

Moazzam Begg: A plea for the release of Tauqir Tox Sharif

The Outreach Director of CAGE, Moazzam Begg, issues a plea to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to release British aid worker Tauqir “Tox” Sharif. When Abu Hussam...

Muslims need to create their own social media platforms

Muslims are facing unprecedented censorship and pressure from social media companies and that’s why we must urgently create our own platforms, argues 5Pillars editor...

U.S. police brutality and military aggression: From Black America to the Muslim world

Hakeem Muhammad from the U.S.-based Black Dawah Network, says the United States has exported the kind of brutality it afflicts on Black Americans to its...

Neturei Karta: The Orthodox Jews who oppose the existence of Israel

Most Jews around the world support the state of Israel and the ideology of Zionism, but there is one ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect that denies...

Lessons from the American mainstream media’s coverage of Malcolm X’s death

On the 95th anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X, Tamim Mobayed looks at how the mainstream media in the U.S. at the time...

Q & A with Dr Siema Iqbal: What Muslims need to know about coronavirus

5Pillars asked Manchester GP Dr Siema Iqbal what it's like on the frontline against coronavirus, and what Muslims need to know about a disease...

I was attacked by Israel’s troll army

5Pillars editor Roshan Muhammed Salih recounts his experience of what he believes to be a coordinated attack against him by Israel's army of online...

Should Muslims ever make alliances with LGBTQ activists?

A recent Islamic conference in Texas asked the question if Muslims should ever make alliances with LGBTQ+ activists. The conference was addressed by prominent American...

VIDEO: Challenges facing the Dawah, Islamic activism and the Ummah’s revival

Deputy editor of 5Pillars, Dilly Hussain, hosted a special panel discussion in the run up to the Canadian Dawah Convention 2020 in Edmonton with...
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