Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam’s Muslim Anthem

Abdullah Quilliam. Pic: The Abdullah Quilliam Society

In 1901 Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam, the “Sheikh ul Islam of the British Isles,” wrote a Muslim Anthem to the tune of God Save The Queen.

God bless the Muslim cause
Bless all who keep Thy laws
And do the right.
Uphold the Muslim band,
In this and every land;
Give them full strength to stand
Firm in the fight.

Strengthen and help the weak,
And teach us all to speak,
Thy truth abound.
May love and liberty,
Truth and sweet purity,
With plenteous charity,
In us be found.

Hear Thou the orphan’s cry,
Assuage the widow’s sigh,
The foolish chide.
Let vice no more abound,
But happiness be found
In every home and round
The world so wide.

Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam was a pioneer of Islam in Britain and an outspoken supporter of the global Ummah.

He was a passionate supporter of the Ottoman caliphate and was bestowed with the title “Sheikh ul Islam of the British Isles” by Sultan Abdel Hamid II.

For a full profile of him click here.

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