The Big Picture #4: U.S. elections, Azerbaijan-Armenia war and France’s Islamophobia

The Big Picture with Roshan Muhammed Salih previews the upcoming U.S. elections. The show also covers France's institutional Islamophobia, and the regional implications of...

The Big Picture #3: What Muslim parents need to know about LGBT classes in...

On this episode of The Big Picture, we tell you what every Muslim parents need to know about LGBT teaching in schools. We also...

The Big Picture #2: Should British Muslims abandon the UK Labour Party?

Keir Starmer is ditching Corbynism and steering the Labour Party back to the New Labour years. So is it time for Muslims to ditch...

The Big Picture #1: Gulf-Israel ‘peace deal’ and sectarian strife in Pakistan

In the first episode of the The Big Picture show, Roshan Muhammed Salih discusses whether the UAE and Bahrain have betrayed the Ummah in...
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