REVIEW: Cuts of the Cloth – Muslim women, Islamophobia and the War on Terror

Dr Fahid Qurashi reviews the play ‘Cuts of the Cloth’, which is a poignant and disturbing portrayal of a Muslim woman caught in the...

VIDEO: This is how America weaponised the world

An insightful video by data scientist, Will Geary, showing how the United States has been arming the world since 1950.

Denmark niqab ban: They want to eradicate every symbol of Islam from public life

5Pillars editor Roshan Muhammed Salih spoke to niqab-wearing Danish Muslim student Sabina. She told him that the niqab ban in Denmark is the result...

Get rich for Allah – How neoliberalism has commercialised Islam into a “brand”

Muslim sociologist, William Barylo, explains in this video what neoliberalism is and how it has commercialised Islam into a "brand" according to its economic...

Zakat: What’s all the fuss about? A frank discussion with the CEO of NZF

In an exclusive interview with 5Pillars, the CEO of the National Zakat Foundation, Iqbal Nasim, speaks to deputy editor, Dilly Hussain, about a newly-surfaced...

“I have been gifted with cancer” – The inspirational story of Ali Banat

This is the inspirational story of Ali Banat - a wealthy entrepreneur from Australia who was diagnosed with cancer in July 2015. After doctors...

HELP 5Pillars DEFEND Islam and Muslims in the MEDIA

5Pillars solely exists to defend Islam and Muslims from the daily attacks it faces from individuals, groups and institutions with nefarious agendas. We cannot guarantee...

The conflation of anti-Zionism with antisemitism

Anglican priest Stephen Sizer reflects on how he has been targeted by the Zionist lobby in the UK for his pro-Palestine activism, and explains...

Dilly Hussain speaks to Mad Mamluks podcast about Syria, Islamic revival and Dirilis Ertugrul

Deputy editor of 5Pillars, Dilly Hussain, featured in a recent episode of the Mad Mamluks podcast where he discusses the recent western airstrikes in...

Malcolm X, Mandela and the power of narrative

Muslims should learn the lessons of the black liberation movements of the 20th century if they are to change the political and media narrative...
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