Blackburn: Adnan Hussain rejects Craig Murray’s coin toss offer

The stalemate over which pro-Palestine candidate will stand in Blackburn in an attempt to unseat Labour continues after Adnan Hussain refused Craig Murray’s offer of a coin toss.

Hussain, an independent candidate, described Workers Party candidate Murray’s offer to break the stalemate as “disgusting.”

“I was disgusted by the suggestion by George (Galloway) to toss a coin to decide between myself and Craig as to who should step down… Hours of sit down negotiations with Craig can’t reach a reasonable conclusion on the matter yet he and George Galloway are prepared to toss a coin on it.”

See Mr Hussain’s comments in full below.


“I was disgusted by the suggestion by George (Galloway) to toss a coin to decide between myself and Craig.” Blackburn parliamentary candidate Adnan Hussain has rejected Craig Murray’s suggestion of a coin toss to determine the main pro-Palestine candidate to challenge incumbent Labour MP Kate Hollern. #Blackburn #adnanhussain #craigmurray

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Earlier, Craig Murray had said he had reluctantly agreed to the coin toss offer after late night negotiations had failed to yield a result.

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“With a very heavy heart I have agreed to the toss of a coin to decide whether I or local independent candidate Adnan Hussain should stand in BLackburn,” he said.

“I feel I am letting down all those who helped and crowdfunded me, and all our local supporters. The amazing support is swelling every day.

“But the last minute decision by Blackburn’s independent group of councillors to run a candidate against me, gives the real danger that Genocide Labour will win. As I was unable to agree in a late night meeting with their young candidate yesterday who should step down, I find myself obliged to agree to a coin toss in the wider interest of the Palestine movement.”

Hussain and Murray are the two main pro-Palestine candidates vying to unseat Labour MP Kate Hollern who has a large majority from the 2019 election.

Other candidates are Altaf “Tiger” Patel, Independent; Natasha Shah, Independent; Jamie McGowan, Conservatives; Adam Waller-Slack, Liberal Democrats;  Denise Morgan, Green Party; and Tommy Temperley, Reform UK.

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