Muslim Association of Britain elects first female president

Raghad Altikriti

The Shura Council of the Muslim Association of Britain has elected Raghad Altikriti as its new President.

Altikriti previously served as the Vice President and Head of Media, having been involved with the organisation since its inception.

The MAB said her “historic election and incredible dedication to the organisation has long served as inspiration for many and has continued to pave the way for many to get involved.”

Upon her appointment, Altikriti said: “It is an honour to be elected as the first female President of the Muslim Association of Britain, to represent and serve our members from all across the country.

“I look forward to working with our branches and departments to strengthen our ties to civil society and continue pushing for the betterment of society. As our country continues to face increased division and distrust, I hope that with this new leadership we can bring and promote continued unity and mutual understanding.”

She added: “While we’re proud of this moment, there’s so much more work that needs to be done. We hope this will pave the way to support more female participation and bridge the gender disparity across the different levels, acknowledging that the years ahead will be defining in its challenges for British Muslims.

“I will continue to ensure that we successfully celebrate and elevate the contributions of British Muslims across the country to civil society and beyond.”

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The Muslim Association of Britain was founded in 1997 with the aim of encouraging Muslims to participate proactively in the British society, to make the most of the avenues available and to function positively to become fruitful citizens of the UK.

It says it cooperates with others to address complex issues affecting society: rising crime and prison populations, failure in education, spread of racism, rise in anti-Islam hatred – Islamophobia, drug addiction, violence and the growing disconnect of youth from society.

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