Former British boxing champion Anthony Small acquitted of terrorism charge

Former British boxing champion Anthony Small

Former British boxing champion, Anthony Small, from south-east London has been found not guilty of encouraging acts of terrorism.

Mr Small also known as “Abdul Haq” was acquitted following a three-day trial at the Old Bailey yesterday.

The court had heard that Mr Small, 36, who converted to Islam in 2007, “implored Muslims to take violent action against the West” in message posted on YouTube on 12 September 2016.

He is a former British and Commonwealth light middleweight champion, but quit the sport in 2010.

Mr Small also appeared in the BBC programme Muslims Like Us in 2016.

On his YouTube channel, Mr Small described himself as “a former professional champion boxer who now works to take mankind out of the oppression of democracy and liberating themselves with Islam/Sharia”, the jury was told during the trial.

In the video he spoke of commercial and military influence through “McDonald’s and Cola Cola signs” and former aerospace manufacturer McDonnell Douglas, the court heard.

He said the choice was to “either accept the flame-grilled burger or we are going to flame grill you from the sky”, jurors were told.

Mr Small concluded: “I am not calling for you to boycott Starbucks or McDonald’s, instead buy Israeli-made Desert Eagles [a type of gun], cock them back and let them go in the sons of monkeys’ peoples.

“In matter of fact, hijack an American-made Humvee and stick a black flag over the USA eagle.”

Mr Small ended with a disclaimer saying he was “in no way, shape or form” calling for violence or terrorism in what he described as a “little light-hearted poetry”.

But, prosecutor Karen Robinson told jurors Mr Small knew the meaning of his carefully chosen words.

The jury took eight hours to reach their not guilty verdict.

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