Sri Lanka has locked up this Muslim lawyer without charge for nearly five months

The prominent Sri Lankan Muslim lawyer, Hejaaz Hizbullah, is being described by human rights groups as the latest victim of Sri Lanka’s draconian Prevention...

Did the jumu’ah khutba in Makkah indicate a Saudi-Israel normalisation?

A khutba by the imam of Masjid al Haraam in Makkah, Abdulrahman al-Sudais, has been widely interpreted as Saudi official approval for the UAE-Israel...

France: Survey shows huge gap between Muslims and general public over Charlie Hebdo attacks

A new survey has demonstrated the huge gap between the opinions of French Muslims and the wider community over the deadly Charlie Hebdo attacks. The...

Charlie Hebdo republishes blasphemous Prophet Muhammad cartoons

The Islamophobic, racist French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has republished blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) that made them the target of a...

Norwegian PM defends protestors’ right to desecrate Quran

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has defended the right of people to desecrate the Quran in the name of freedom of speech. Solberg was speaking...

Swedish far-right activists burn and desecrate Quran, sparking riots

Far-right activists have burned the Quran in Malmo, Sweden, sparking riots in the Rosengard district.  The unrest started on Friday when a group of activists...

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem issues fatwa banning Emiratis from visiting Al Aqsa

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories has issued a fatwa prohibiting Emirati citizens from visiting Al Aqsa Mosque. Mufti Muhammad Hussein's fatwa...

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem resigns from UAE peace forum over false Israel statement

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem has resigned from the UAE-sponsored Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies after it falsely put his name to...

Christchurch terrorist Brenton Tarrant will die in jail

Australian terrorist Brenton Tarrant, who killed 51 Muslims as they prayed in Christchurch, New Zealand last year, will die in jail after he was...

Survivors recount harrowing testimony at Christchurch killer’s sentence hearing

Survivors and victims of the deadly attacks on mosques in New Zealand last year have been recounting harrowing stories of survival and loss in the...
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