Qatar expels Hindutva expat who said Indian nurses were employed as sex slaves

Sisupalan Durgadas (Phot: Twitter/ @gokulchan

An Indian Hindutva expat has been fired from his job in Qatar and deported after saying nurses from Kerala go to Gulf countries to be sex slaves.

In a speech to Hindu nationalists in India, Sisupalan Durgadas said women were employed as ”sex slaves for terrorists.”

He said: “Muslims have settled down in the Gulf, most of the women are hired as nurses from Kerala and being employed as sex slaves for terrorists in the region.”

But after a video of him making the remarks surfaced online, Durgadas was dismissed from his position of regional coordinator of the Malayalam Mission and as a senior accountant at Narang Projects in Qatar.

Various organisations including Unique, a nursing organisation in Qatar, demanded action  and sent complaints to the Chief Minister of Kerala.

On May 5 the Malyalam Mission Qatar released a termination letter. Murukan Kattakkada, Director of Malayalam Mission, said: “The remark violates the dignity of a community of women going abroad for the sake of jobs.”

Durgadas has been spotted multiple times with key BJP leaders and Hindutva politicians including Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath and defense minister Rajnath Singh, with pictures of them on his Facebook page.

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He discussed the matter on a Facebook Live last week, claiming to have been a “proud Sangh Swayamsevak (right-wing Hindu nationalist paramilitary organisation member) for nearly 30 years,” and an employee in the Gulf for around 20 years.

He said that throughout his stay in the Gulf, he had witnessed bogus recruiting organisations defrauding Indian women under the guise of work in aviation, massage centres and nursing.

According to Durgadas, these agencies functioned with the help of politicians in collaboration with Indian embassies.

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