Kenyans infuriated over Britain’s banning of khat

Despite their majority Muslim population, Somalis and Arabs provide the largest market for khat in the world, writes Mohammed Kahiye from Nairobi. My friend Hussein...

Muslim women leaving the West to fight jihad in Syria

Women involved in political or religious violence is not a new phenomena writes Dr Ilyas Mohammed. For example, women have been part of groups such...

Syrian rebel leaders in their own words

Abdul Salam Abul-Ezz from Palestine who is a contributor for the Revolution Observer analyses the recent interviews by Al-Jazeera with the leaders of the...

Saudi prince blasts royal family in defection statement

Below is the translation of a statement by Saudi prince Khaled Farhan Al-‪Saud who recently defected from the royal family after saying that the regime...

US Yemen drones strengthening Al Qaeda

As Arab and Western capitals follow developments in Egypt after the ouster of elected president Mohammed Morsi, south of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is...

Egypt and the “Emperor with no clothes”

News that former president Hosni Mubarak has been released from jail demonstrated that the regime has removed its final fig leaf, the emperor revealed...

Popcorn politics of the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring that began in 2010 - like the 2009 Green movement protests in Iran - had brought initial hope that there would be a...

Will the US attack the Assad regime?

Editor of the Revolution Observer, Abu Anas questions whether the US is ready to attack the Assad regime and the reasons leading up to...

US-Jordanian war games

Mustaq Abu Aman from the Revolution Observer writes that the Jordanian government is ready to facilitate a US military attack on Syria. "Jordan will not...

Israel arrests Palestinian leader Sheikh Raed Salah

Israeli police have arrested the prominent Palestinian leader Sheikh Raed Salah on suspicion of incitement. According to Israeli media, the arrest was made after Salah,...