Pregnant Muslim woman wearing niqab attacked in Barcelona

[SOURCE: Flickr: fdecomite]

Two men reported to have connections to extreme right-wing groups have been arrested for attacking a pregnant Muslim woman wearing a niqab in Barcelona.

The two men approached the pregnant woman in central Barcelona on Monday and began shouting insults.

Her husband intervened, shortly after which the woman was kicked in her stomach by one of the attackers.

Passers by stopped the assault and called police.

One man was arrested on the scene whilst another fled but was later arrested.

The attackers have been charged with “violence, hate and discrimination”

The mother and unborn baby were taken to a hospital and are said to be doing well.

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Spain has seen a rise in attacks on Muslims recently.

Last year there was an 11-fold surge in Islamophobic crimes to 534, up from 48 in 2014.

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