Belgian mother jailed for stabbing her daughter for converting to Islam

A Belgian woman has been jailed for stabbing her daughter for converting to Islam because she was afraid she would never see her again.

The Brussels Criminal Court sentenced the 54-year-old woman to three years in jail for attacking her 19-year-old daughter.

The woman had stabbed her daughter under the chin and in the abdomen after she accepted Islam and married a Muslim in secret.

Belgian news outlet reported that the judge said the sentence would demonstrate that the mother’s behaviour was “unacceptable”.

The daughter married a Muslim man without telling her Orthodox Christian family.

The mother claimed she had lost her temper because she was worried that she would never see her daughter again.

According to the mother’s lawyer, Olivier Martins, her daughter no longer wants to see her.

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Muslims make up an estimated 4 to 6.5 percent of Belgium’s population.

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