Muslim woman forced to remove her niqab by Austrian police

Austrian police have forced a Muslim woman to remove her niqab a day after a new law banning the full-face veil in public came...

Austria’s far-right government to impose sanctions on immigrants who don’t “integrate”

Austria’s new far-right government has unveiled plans to impose financial sanctions on immigrants who fail to “integrate” with mainstream society. The new government agreed a...

Vienna’s Muslim “New Year’s Baby” faces tirade of racist abuse online

A Muslim baby born in Vienna on New Year's Day was met with a wave of racist abuse online after she was declared the...

Denmark to become next European country to ban the niqab in public

Denmark is likely to become the next country in Europe to introduce a national ban on the niqab in public places. The government said it...

Erdogan slams Austrian decision to close seven mosques and expel imams

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has slammed Austria's decision to shut down seven mosques and expel imams who it says are foreign-funded from the...

Austria to ban the hijab but not the Jewish kippa in primary schools

The Austrian government has introduced a draft law to ban the hijab for girls under the age of 10 in primary schools whilst the...

Austria passes law banning hijab in primary schools but not Sikh turban or Jewish...

The Austrian parliament has approved a law banning girls in primary schools from wearing the hijab. The bill which was passed on Wednesday is likely...

Austria to ban ‘political Islam’

Austria's right-wing government has announced a range of anti-terrorism measures in the wake of a deadly attack in the capital, Vienna, last week. According to...

Austrian authorities accused of violating Muslim children’s rights during police raids

Austrian lawyers and NGOs have accused the Minister of the Interior of failing to protect children from criminalisation and trauma following police raids on Muslims...
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