Chinese authorities ban “five types” of Muslims from Xinjiang’s public transport

Chinese officials in Karamay have banned the wearing of the hijab, niqab, burqa and "youths with long beards" from public transport until the end...

China’s biggest gold mine found in Muslim majority province of Xinjiang

Geologists have discovered China's largest gold mine in the Muslim majority province of Xinjiang, according to the state news agency Xinhau. The new find, close...

China bans Ramadan for Muslims in Xinjiang

The Chinese government has banned civil servants, students and teachers in the predominantly Muslim region of Xinjiang from fasting in the month of Ramadan. This...

Muslims of Xinjiang – Persecution justified by “fighting extremism”

Shafiul Huq from the Revolution Observer describes how Muslims in China are being persecuted. Muslims in the Chinese province of Xinjiang are victims in their...
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