Malaysia summit seeks to challenge Saudi Arabia’s Islamic leadership

Veteran Arab journalist Abdel Bari Atwan says an Islamic conference in Malaysia aims to challenge the leadership of Saudi Arabia over the Islamic world. The...

Muslims must focus on political change outside party politics

Jahangir Mohammed of the Centre of Muslim Affairs says that while Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is the natural choice for Muslims this Thursday, real...

Draconian laws and harsher sentences is not the answer to homegrown terrorism

More draconian laws and harsher sentencing will not tackle the issue of domestic terrorism, writes Moazzam Begg. When terror-related attacks take place in Britain the...

Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr. is whitewashing Yemen atrocities

Journalist Robert Inlakesh says Saturday's world heavyweight fight in Saudi Arabia is being used as a cover for Riyadh's human rights abuses in Yemen...

Europe’s increasing intolerance to Islam should be a genuine concern for Muslims

The increasing number of Islamophobic laws being introduced across Europe is a frightening indication of how supposedly "liberal" and "tolerant" governments actually perceive its...

MBS’s liberal reforms will destroy any remnant of normative Islam in Saudi Arabia

Hasnet Lais is an educator and journalist who writes on contemporary Muslim affairs. You can follow him on Twitter @haznet1. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's liberal...

How cycling through Africa with no money brought us closer to Allah

Nathim Cairncross and Abdullah Jimenez embarked upon a year-long bike trip which took them from Kenya to Turkey. Now living in Istanbul, their experiences...

The Palestinians only option is resistance

Veteran Palestinian journalist Abdel Bari Atwan says the U.S.'s decision to back illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank is another nail in the...

Nigeria needs more Muslim media to counter years of Islamophobic propaganda

Suleiman Ahmed is a Software Engineer and writer. He is the author of the political novel, ‘Trouble in Valhalla’ and tweets from @sule365   The Nigerian media's deafening...

How Western media bias allows Israel to get away with murder in Gaza

Palestinian-American journalist and author Ramzy Baroud says that the Western media is intentionally keeping the truth about Gaza from its audience to appease Israel. An Israeli...
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