Lessons from the American mainstream media’s coverage of Malcolm X’s death

On the 95th anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X, Tamim Mobayed looks at how the mainstream media in the U.S. at the time...

Where have all the congregations gone? COVID-19 deaths in the Muslim community

Puru Miah is a Labour Councillor in Tower Hamlets, East London. You can follow Puru on Twitter @th_puru.   The latest ONS figures show that Bangladeshis are...

It’s high time we demand higher standards from Muslim charities

Muzmatch CEO Shahzad Younas says after a string of scandals Muslims must open their eyes to the Islamic charity sector and demand higher standards...

Comfortably numb with Islamophobia: Trevor Phillips, Muslims and COVID-19 realities

Puru Miah is a Labour Councillor in Tower Hamlets, East London. You can follow Puru on Twitter @th_puru.   Trevor Phillips has had a complicated history...

Spreading the virus of occupation: Israeli soldiers, settlers spit at Palestinians

Spitting at someone is a universal insult. In Israel, however, spitting at Palestinians is an entirely different story; it is being used as a...

Can Britons strengthen family ties and connect with God without football and pubs?

Hasnet Lais is an educator and journalist who writes on contemporary Muslim affairs. You can follow him on Twitter @haznet1.   Besides their lethal potential, pandemics have...

Some western media outlets could not resist linking COVID-19 to Islam and Muslims

Certain mainstream media outlets in the West used Islamic imagery in their news coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic, and it was not a coincidence...

Boris Johnson has failed the British people over the COVID-19 pandemic

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is leading the UK towards a historic and deadly disaster over their handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, writes Muhammad Jalal. The...

Muslims in Britain should prepare for more COVID-19 deaths and emergency rule

Muslims in Britain should prepare for more coronavirus-related deaths, Islamic burials under new conditions, and state emergency rule, writes Jahangir Mohammed. This is the most...

Can Africa play the long game with Coronavirus?

Suleiman Ahmed is a Software Engineer and writer. He is the author of the political novel, ‘Trouble in Valhalla’ and tweets from @sule365   The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has,...
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