Football is the religion which fills the empty lives of the irreligious

Blogger Hasnet Lais says that football has largely replaced the role of religion in the lives of so many secular, irreligious Britons who've jettisoned...

Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan: Betraying Al-Aqṣā, betraying the Ummah

Blogger Abdullah Noorudeen profiles the de facto ruler of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (MBZ), who has emerged as one of the biggest modern...

The Islamic fashion industry is immodest and unethical

Blogger and activist Quratulayn Haamidah says that the multi-billion dollar Islamic clothing market is making a mockery of the Islamic concert of modesty, and...

How I laughed as an Afghan official took out the mainstream media

Roshan Muhammed Salih in Afghanistan recounts the ritual humiliation of a western mainstream journalist at the hands of an Afghan official in Kabul today. This...

Tariq Ramadan: “Why I will no longer attend ISNA and RIS conferences”

Prominent Muslim thinker and academic, Tariq Ramadan has vowed not to attend conferences organised by American Muslim organisation Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)...

I was tortured by the Qataris, the Australians knew and did nothing

Lukman Thalib, an Australian professor who was held without charge in a secret jail in Qatar for five months, says the Qatari authorities tortured...

Mohammed bin Zayed: Oppressing Muslims in the West

In the second part of his series on Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ), blogger Abdullah Noorudeen argues that the UAE is also involved in the repression of...

I would rather die than be complicit in Israeli apartheid

A Jewish asylum seeker, who is seeking refuge in the UK from what he calls Israeli oppression, says he would rather die than be...

Should we be concerned by what’s happening at Al Rayan Bank?

Following the news that Al Rayan bank will be scaling down some of its products that serve the British Muslim community, Ibrahim Khan, from Islamic...

Greater Israel: The Zionist plan for territorial expansion

Muslims need to wake up to Israel's plans for territorial expansion and urgently put in measures to stop it. After decades of wars, civil strife...