Priti Patel attacks lawyers today because Muslims have been targeted for 20 yrs

CAGE’s Anas Mustapha argues that the groundwork for the Home Secretary's targeting of "lefty lawyers" was laid by 20 years of terror legislation that has...

U.S. Elections: Who is the “lesser evil” between Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

Hasnet Lais is an educator and journalist who writes on contemporary Muslim affairs. You can follow him on Twitter @haznet1.   Reeling from the effects of a...

Saudi Arabia starts a trade war on Turkey

Veteran Arab journalist Abdel Bari Atwan says that Saudi Arabia's trade war on Turkey is all about competing for the leadership of the Sunni...

What’s the difference between Macron’s dog-whistle Islamophobia and the far-right?

President Emmanuel Macron's latest dog-whistle Islamophobia is a testimony to the fact that 'liberal' and 'far-right' rhetoric surrounding Islam and Muslims is not that...

Yemen: Britain ‘making a killing’ from the worst humanitarian crisis in the world

When it comes to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world - Yemen - the UK has opted for death and destruction over any...

Anti-CAA student activist writes powerful open letter to India’s Muslim community

The prominent Indian Muslim student activist, Sharjeel Usmani, has written a powerful open letter calling for civil disobedience in light of the ongoing systematic...

Cuties: The hyper-sexualisation of children and shaping the Muslim mind

Films like 'Cuties' are one of many dramas streamed by Netflix which is aimed at hyper-sexualising children and shaping the Muslim mind, writes Tamim...

Israel-UAE deal: Once more the Arab world falls into a trap

Veteran Palestinian journalist Abdel Bari Atwan says the U.S. and Israel have once again sprung a trap for the Arab world to the detriment, once again,...

The West and global Islamophobia: Oppressors at home and saviours overseas

Western governments, namely the UK and the US, seem to ignore their own institutional Islamophobia while hypocritically opposing China's persecution of Uyghur Muslims, writes...

Pro-Israel black ops against Palestine activists must be condemned

The unmasking of a pro-Israel activist masquerading as an online antisemite has thrown a spotlight once again on the black ops propaganda arm of...
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