Dilly Hussain: A sincere message to British patriots and white nationalists

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In light of the recent hysteria surrounding widespread pro-Palestine protests across the UK, and claims by politicians of “Islamists” subverting British democracy, 5Pillars deputy editor Dilly Hussain writes an open letter to white nationalists and patriots.

Dear nationalists and patriots,

I hope and pray this message reaches you and your loved ones in the best of health.

Just for a moment, if you are able to, put your hatred or dislike for Muslims and migrants aside, and genuinely reflect on the following statistics:

  • The current birth rate in the UK is 1.6.
  • Among British Muslims it is between 2.7 and 2.9.
  • Britain’s ageing population is at 11 million (18.6%), in the top 10 in Europe.
  • For a “stable population” it is claimed that a nation’s birth rate should be 2.1.

Now, ask yourselves the following:

  • Why are 51.4% of all children in the UK born outside of marriage?
  • Why is Christianity on a rapid decline while Atheism and Islam are both on the rise (the latter due to conversion and birth rate)?
  • Why is the largest group of converts to Islam in Britain white women between the ages of 25–50?
  • Why are there more pet dogs in UK households (31%) than children under the age of 12?
  • Why is 97.5% of the elderly in Britain’s care homes white?

Are you starting to see a pattern emerging here, or do you still want to blame Muslims and migrants for the above?

When will we start collectively addressing these societal elephants in the room, or will you insist on peddling mass deportations of Muslims and migrants as the solution to fix broken Britain?

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How much of the above is directly linked to the ills of secular liberal capitalist individualism, as well as the breakdown of the traditional family and the institution of marriage?

I would personally say, most of it, if not all of it.

Are British Muslims immune to the above problems? Absolutely not.

It was inevitable that at some point, some of these issues were going to affect Muslim minorities living in secular liberal non-Muslim countries:

  • Dual income households have decreased Muslim birth rate in the UK to 2.7-2.9 when it was 3.9-4.1 before 2001.
  • There has been an increase in divorces and Muslims getting married at an older age.
  • Criminality, sexual deviancy, substance abuse, materialism, mental health issues linked to social media and porn addiction, and fornication has affected many Muslim youth and adults. The deplorable child sexual grooming gangs of Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford was a reflection of the aforementioned – not Islam, Muslims, our beliefs or values.

However, for British Muslims, what acts as a preventative safeguard and reformative measure is our comprehensive and uncompromising faith, the family unit, and wider community support networks — something Britain had in abundance not too long ago.


To conclude, if you truly care about addressing these issues, my humble and respectful advice is to research and consider Islam as a holistic way of life. But if you are not willing to do that because Islam is too “foreign”, “strict” or “archaic”, then at the very least make a meaningful effort to reconnect with the God of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him), your Christian heritage, and its biblical morals and values — work towards becoming people of honour, respect, discipline, commitment, community and God, as opposed to individualism, hedonism and consumerism.

Take a breather from the hate and bitterness towards Muslims and migrants, most of whom were born here, while others have been incentivised by successive governments to come here as economic migrants, or are refugees escaping wars led or instigated by Britain and other Western nations. Are your concerns about mass migration and the loss of your culture valid and justified? Yes. Are the people you are directing blame at the cause of this? No.

Lastly, has it ever occurred to you that the very same ruling elite that has perpetuated a cycle of austerity, recession and inflation, while having utter disdain for the white British working class as they send your sons and use your taxes to fight or fund wars abroad, is the same ruling elite that uses anti-immigration dog whistle and Islamophobic rhetoric to rile up nationalists and patriots when there’s a general election around the corner? Or that the same ruling elite continues to pit the British working class from the most socioeconomically deprived backgrounds and areas against each other on racial and religious lines?

While British Muslims have an affinity and brotherhood with their co-religionists around the world, the “native” people of our places of birth and residence are our “Qawm” (people) — practicing God-fearing Muslims actually want the best for the “white natives” in this life and in the Hereafter, and want to do good by them, even if many don’t see Muslims the same way unless we subserviently assimilate to the very Godless culture and values that has eroded our society and communities.

Muslims have no intention to “outbreed the natives” – this language is problematic and the claim is wholly untrue. Muslims don’t “breed” like dogs or animals, we get married and have offspring for the sake and pleasure of Allah, so as parents we can leave a legacy and a source of good deeds when we die like ongoing charity and supplications for our forgiveness in the afterlife. So, whether it’s the West, the East, or the Arctic, Muslims will always marry and have children because the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) explicitly encouraged us to do so.

If after reading this, you still insist and persist on racist, bigoted and Islamophobic rhetoric and beliefs, know it will not change a single thing, except make you more resentful and spiteful towards the wrong people.

I pray Allah brings peace, justice and harmony to Britain, ameen.

Your brother in humanity from our father Prophet Adam (peace be upon him),

Dilly Hussain

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