INSIGHT UK: The Hindutva organisation targeting British Muslims

Roshan Muhammed Salih takes a look at INSIGHT UK, a Hindutva organisation which rose to prominence during the recent tensions and violence in Leicester, and which is now working with British charities, a prominent right-wing think-tank and Brent Council.

During the recent tensions in Leicester one of the organisations consistently attacking journalists, media personalities and those critiquing the role of the Hindutva ideology and RSS/HSS was INSIGHT UK.

Describing themselves as a “movement of British Hindus and Indians,” they recently organised a letter signed by 180 Hindu organisations opposing a review into the Leicester tensions.

So let’s take a deep dive into this organisation based on their own words.

INSIGHT UK disseminates far-right tropes, targeting Muslims and other minorities in India that oppose the Hindutva ideology associated with organisations such as the BJP and the RSS.

This includes echoing the “counter-jihad” movement, liberally using buzz words such as “radical,” “extremist” and “Islamist,” as well as furthering right-wing Islamophobic tropes and conspiracy theories.

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In particular, INSIGHT UK have perpetuated the Islamophobic “grooming gangs” trope, despite a Home Office report disproving such conspiracies, and the “Love Jihad” trope developed by proponents of Hindutva; as well as inviting speakers who have well-known Islamophobic views.

They have also praised French President Emmanuel Macron’s discriminatory measures against Muslims.

Attacks also extend to other minority faiths in India such as Sikhs and Christians.

During the farmers’ protests in India, which heavily affected Sikh farmers, INSIGHT UK were accused of singling out farmers and attacking Sikh MPs for standing in solidarity with Indian farmers, as well as Greta Thunberg, Justin Trudeau and Rihanna.

INSIGHT UK has also been spreading rumours regarding Christian organisations, suggesting they spend millions on conversion of Hindus – allegations made by senior figures in the BJP as well as Hindutva supporters. Such an accusation can be best described as speculative, and has now reportedly resulted in Christians in India living in fear.

Furthermore, the organisation has promoted BJP events on their social media account, as well as the right-wing Hindu nationalist organisation, the RSS, as a “selfless service to humanity.” It has also worked with the right-wing Henry Jackson Society.

The Hindutva ideology seeks to establish a Hindu supremacist nation through the destruction or subjugation of anything not Hindu. Its main target are Muslims who have been depicted as a historical enemy despite for centuries Muslims and Hindus living amicably together.

Brent Council, amongst others, have worked with INSIGHT UK. The question now is: will organisations and public bodies, including local authorities and the Government, cease engagement with this Hindutva-inspired organisation and its friends in the HSS?

And will Hindu organisations, many of whom are charities, now distance themselves from INSIGHT UK?

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